Spirit Takes Over Kickstarter Campaign (2)

A Note From Moa:

Okay, number one question I get about being a spirit is “If you exist, why can’t I see you?”

Just because you don’t see me, doesn’t mean I cease to exist. My presence is as clear as the words on this page.

If you wonder about things like this, then you might see the humor in people questioning the idea of “spirits” or “entities” being real.

Some people get so caught up in questioning everything, they forget to “see” what is actually “there.” Now, I’m sure you noticed that I put “see” in quotes, because seeing is subjective too. If you don’t believe me just ask a group of friends how you look today. The more friends you ask, the more opinions you’ll get. If you really want to drive yourself crazy, ask yourself who is right.

Tricia and I first met in Honolulu, Hawaii and she was incredibly skeptical. Truth be told, so was I. I had been given the task of explaining how the spirit world works and she questioned me at every turn.

So, I decided to make the arrangement a little more fun. I showed her a picture of a woman who she’d never seen and told her that her mother-in-law had been looking for this friend, Sharon, for over twenty years. I apologized profusely for the outdated image and then sat back and watched. Tricia went for a walk with Sydney and her mother-in-law and about ten minutes into their walk, they ran into Sharon the missing friend.

Some of you may still be skeptical, but I certainly got Tricia’s attention. What I keep showing her is that guidance comes from many different sources. To receive it, you must accept that it exists and no matter what form it takes, acknowledge its presence and open up to the learning.

If you have any questions for me about what it’s like here in between lives, what an Ancient Gatekeeper does for fun or about Tricia and Sydney’s “Iron Shinto” Kickstarter Campaign, you’re welcome to send me a message on Kickstarter or Comment below:



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