Spirit Takes Over Kickstarter Campaign (3)

A Note From Moa:

Top three reasons why I enjoy being in spirit form:

One – No pesky emotions to get in the way of accomplishing goals.

Over my many, many lifetimes, emotions caused me to betray friends and mistakenly blame family for events, which, had I been in a clearer frame of mind, I would have acted in a more compassionate manner.

Two – I can travel anywhere I want (I mean anywhere) whenever I want.

I have the ability to move and flow by expanding or contracting my energetic mass into anyplace in time or space that I wish to occupy. This allows me to move about the city, through homes, and even flow through the humans that so intrigue me.

Three – Helping humans.

That last one is my favorite because I am fascinated by human beings. From soul assignment to embodiment to release from the body and everything in between, the human journey is a never ending mysterious, engaging adventure. Plus, humans get to experience emotions.

I know, I know, my number one reason for enjoying my spirit self is not having emotions, but, emotions are also singularly responsible for the greatest joy a soul can have. Without emotions there would be no learning and without learning there would be no progression and soul growth.

So, as with any spirit, I am embrace my dichotomous, fallible nature. I reserve my right to err and to even change my mind.

By the way, if you have any questions for me about what it’s like here in between lives, what an Ancient Gatekeeper does for fun or about Tricia and Sydney’s “Iron Shinto” Kickstarter Campaign, you’re welcome to send me a message here:

Click Here to Send Moa a Message on Kickstarter



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